By leveraging Country Group’s diverse synergies in finance, investment and development, CGD is able to pinpoint off-market opportunities in emerging sunrise sectors in real estate and benefit from swift access to capital structures and exits that allow the company to remain nimble and responsive to the market.


The historical value of data centres and the projected future trends of data-storage needs for multiple industries, measured against the constraints that limit effective data-storage creation, suggest that prime-located data storage centres may be one of the fastest value growth segments of real estate in the medium and long term development.

Country Group Development PCL., took the opportunity to secure Anchorage Point, a 2,300 square metre data centre with a 33-year freehold lease and an existing tenant in an off-market transaction for its key location in London; one of the top five areas in the Greater EU for both demand and connectivity to the most centralised part of the regional communications infrastructure.


With fundamentally attractive characteristics, the global education sector portrays trends with strong demand and lucrative returns. In 2016, Country Group Development expanded into the education sector for the first time by acquiring a school located in Brighton, United Kingdom. The freehold asset comprises 20.24-acre campus of buildings, providing offices, accommodation, educational and recreational facilities for up to 450 students.