Tea Room Reveries


Latest session in a global taste journey takes guests deep into the Chinese tea dynasties.

Resident owners joined an exploration into the world of artisanal Chinese tea during the latest edition of The Tea Room at the sales gallery for Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok.

While tea drinking has been highly accredited to an English tradition, history books reveal that tea is likely to have originated from southwest China during the Shang dynasty, where the earliest physical evidence indicates that tea was first consumed for its medicinal purposes.

For this special series of The Tea Room hosted on 23rd September, owners and friends had a chance to learn and revisit the origins of tea, by experiencing the art of traditional tea-brewing in unique and authentic terracotta teapots. The afternoon was led by master and traditional tea connoisseur Mr. Jongrak Kittivorakarn, founder of highly acclaimed Double Dogs Tea Room.

Of course, a cup of tea is made even more memorable when paired with delectable pastries, and guests at the invite-only event enjoyed a wide assortment of sweet and savoury treats, each one carefully prepared by Chef Julien Perraudin.

In addition, the rare tasting experience invited VIP guests to uncover the health benefits of some of the oldest varieties of Chinese premium teas, as well as learn about time-honoured methods of tea preparation. His hand-picked selection consisted of only the finest Chinese teas that celebrated health, beauty, longevity, and wellness.