Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and MOCA Bangkok Unveil Immersive Art Experience


Engage with the best of Thai creativity at the newest, most unexpected ART Space in town.


Art is life, and life is art. Nowhere is this be more apparent than at the recently opened Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, where a gallery-style showcase extends all the way from the serene arrival lobby down to the vibrant riverfront promenade. The immersive ART Space offers Hotel guests and the local community a unique opportunity to experience Bangkok’s creative landscape. As part of Bangkok’s riverside Creative District, Four Seasons sets to highlight Thai artists to a global audience as they catch up with friends, sip bespoke cocktails and wander through courtyards dotted with water pools and gardens.

This innovative new ART Space has emerged from a partnership between Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA BANGKOK). Under the joint initiative, the Hotel will display a selection of impeccably curated Thai works of art, on loan from MOCA BANGKOK. Exhibits will rotate regularly, so Bangkok residents as well as returning Four Seasons guests can view new collections several times a year.

“Creativity is front and centre at our urban resort, from architecture to interiors. Many of our in-house artworks are one of a kind, designed for us by our legendary designer Jean-Michel Gathy and his firm, Denniston,” notes Lubosh Barta, General Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok. “So, our collaboration with MOCA BANGKOK feels like a natural fit. The showcase at the Hotel is like an extension of the museum, a chance to appreciate fine art in an unconventional ambience.”

Over at MOCA BANGKOK, Managing Director Kanachai Bencharongkul is excited about what this new space will mean for the art scene in Bangkok. “The ART Space we created at Four Seasons is highly experiential and seamlessly integrated into the surroundings, making it a unique exhibit in the city,” he explains. “We’re delighted to introduce a new way for people to engage with Thailand’s most interesting artists.”

The ART Space at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok debuted with an exhibition by Nino Sarabutra, a Thai artist known for her work in ceramics. Sarabutra is a big fan of fun. Like many Thais, she can always spot joy in small things or big circumstances. A core theme of her work has been to focus on human emotions and the beauty of being alive. Her exhibition, EAT | DRINK | LOVE – Celebrating Life debuting at the ART Space brings together three installations that explore this theme. Sarabutra presents a wall of 199 hearts, 365 illuminated drink bottles, 4,000 flying butterflies and, on the 12 metre (40 foot) dining table set ready for a celebratory dinner, Sarabutra’s Black Ripple dining series. Not only are Sarabutra’s creations thought-provoking and innately Thai, they are also incredibly Instagrammable.