High-End Artistic Heritage


Lotus Arts De Vivre showcases exclusive 'Nostalgic Heritage' collection at Four Seasons Private Residences.


Country Group Development and Lotus Arts de Vivre partnered in September to host Nostalgic Heritages, a unique evening centred around fine artwork and the timelessness of luxury and elegance.

Four Seasons and Lotus Arts de Vivre are obvious partners, both having strong traditions that hold them to the highest standard of excellence in every way. Both names are internationally renowned for their unparalleled style and quality. Over the past several decades the two names have established themselves as synonyms for bespoke luxury and artistic individuality.

Lotus Arts de Vivre is one of Asia’s most iconic brands producing luxury hand-crafted jewellery, home décor and accessories from rare, luxurious raw materials. Known for their daring Asian and mythological animal themes, the brand’s sought-after pieces are coveted among art lovers around the world.

Known as the world’s leading luxury hotel group, Four Seasons has been setting the standard for refinement and outstanding quality in the hospitality industry for more than half a century. The brand has served as an inspiration to fellow hospitality professionals around the globe and is seen as a leading authority when it comes to luxurious lifestyle and service. This reputation made Bangkok’s newest Four Seasons property the ideal venue to showcase chefs-d'oeuvre.

On the night of the Nostalgic Heritages event, Lotus Arts de Vivre treated invited guests to a private exhibition featuring some of its most extravagant and remarkable pieces. This iconic location in the heart of Bangkok brought its very own style and mystique to the event by offering the River of Kings and the city’s dramatic skyline as a backdrop.

Bringing these two masters of their craft together created a memorable experience of timeless luxury. Guests enjoyed themselves while sipping expertly crafted cocktails and fine wines as they let the stories told by the artwork take them on an inspiring journey from heritage past into the present.