Timeless Traditions, Cultured Celebrations


First Loy Krathong at Four Seasons Sales Gallery celebrates end of Lunar year.


Country Group Development hosted its first Loy Krathong Celebration at its on-site waterfront Sales Gallery on November 25, 2015, a celebration of Thai tradition and an opportunity for CGD and guests to give back to the river community. It also laid down a marker that Bangkok would have a new and possibly peerless destination of elegance and refinement on the most desirable reach of the Chao Phraya River once Four Seasons Private Residences and Hotel, along with the Capella Hotel, are complete.

The culture and heritage of Thailand was a constant theme, contemporarily interpreted to celebrate Loy Krathong and its significance to the Chao Phraya River. From the classic country songs of Pui to a Khon dance performance, the masked traditionally all-male retelling of the Ramakien, Thailand’s version of the Ramayana story from India.

Pure star-power ratcheted up the atmosphere and excitement, with a concert by Byrd and Heart which had the crowd singing along with the smooth crooning duo’s greatest hits. A feminine touch and a heavenly voice took things up another notch towards the perfect Loy Krathong celebration, with Pui of The Voice Thailand letting her pitch-perfect voice glide and soar and catch through traditional songs of country life and love echoing across the moonlit river and weaving a spell over the entire gathering.

Breaking the spell was an extravagant fireworks display that bathed the river in shimmering colours reflected from a sky transformed from tropical darkness to a shimmering kaleidoscope of light and sound.

As if to symbolise the sweet scent of success that suffused the proceedings, a tantalising array of traditional Thai desserts on offer completed the evening’s cultural and heritage celebrations, apart from the main event - the launching of hundreds of candlelit krathongs, or lotus leaf floats, upon the River of Kings, a mesmerising spectacle of beauty lent meaning through the shes and hopes and good fortune that is meant to replace any bad vibes sent down the river with the krathongs. This year, the grandeur of the project’s vision and the promise of its reality was palpable. But it’s just the beginning for Bangkok’s most prestigious new waterfront address. When the project is complete, and both hotels and the tower of private residences are launched and humming, Loy Krathong will never be the same again.

A charitable donation of more than THB 150,000, generously made possible by guests attending the event, was made to the Duang Prateep Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages without deductions.